Centrally Sponsored Schemes

The Government of India has identified various schemes for development of both Inland fisheries and Marine Fisheries in the country to boost fish production and create avenues of better earnings for the fish farmers and professional fishermen engaged in the exploitation of natural water resources. As far as the State of J&K is concerned, in view of the feasibility, the following Centrally Sponsored Schemes are in operation in the State. The status report of each scheme is briefly discussed as under.The following Centrally Sponsored Schemes are operational in Fisheries Sector:-
  • Development of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture.
  • PM’s Package for creation of employment opportunities.
  • Fisheries Training and extension
  • National Welfare Scheme for Fishermen
    • Construction of low cost houses
    • Group Accident Insurance scheme for active Fishermen
  • Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)

Development of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture

This scheme envisages the development of Fisheries in natural waters and also for augmenting fish production under controlled conditions i.e. pond Fisheries. Under this programme, the Department of Fisheries has taken up development of Carp Fisheries and Trout Fisheries. Besides this, other types of Fisheries viz; Reservoir Fisheries, recreational Fisheries has been also brought under this scheme. For development of Cold Water Fisheries, the Department has taken up construction of new Trout rearing units and also up-gradation of existing units to increase their rearing and hatching capacity. Besides this, the Reservoir Fisheries (Ranjit Sagar) was also taken up and at present the said reservoir is open to the professional fishermen of the area for fishing on nominal fee. The Reservoir has been generating handsome revenue to the Department and at the same time providing better avenues of earning to the local fishermen. In the field of ornamental Fisheries, the Department took up the up-gradation of Fish Farm at Doomi Akhnoor so that quality seed of ornamental fishes is produced and reared in the aquarium at Jammu and also for sale to the common men for setting up mini aquaria in their homes, offices, hotels etc. The Trout rearing units at Tchansar Kulgam, Shopian were brought under this scheme. Moreover, few trout rearing units like Kutlari, Mammer, Tchawalgam, Margund, Uri were up-graded to create more rearing space. As a result of this, the Department has been able to sell Trout fish worth 112 lacs during 2008-09. Moreover, recreational Fisheries park at Gulmarg was also established to promote Sport Fisheries in the State. The fund pattern of this scheme is 75:25 between Central and State Government.

PM’s Package for creation of employment opportunities.

The Department of Fisheries has successfully undertaken the propagation of Fish culture in Private Sector to create employment avenues for educated un-employed youth of the State especially in rural areas under Hon’ble Prime Minister’s package introduced in 2004-05. The funding pattern was 75:25 between Centre and State. Against the target of 410, the Department established 481 ponds and the fish farmers were provided seed, feed, equipment and training. The scheme has given encouraging results and there is a great response from the public especially the youth for taking up fish culture as a reliable source of income. This has also given a boost to the Fisheries in private sector.

Fisheries Training and extension.

Under this scheme ,the Department provides technical know-how to the progressive fish farmers and organizes training programmes to motivate unemployed youth to take up fish culture as a viable activity. The department also provides fish seed to the progressive fish farmers on nominal price.

National Welfare Scheme for Fishermen

Construction of low cost houses

This Centrally sponsored scheme was introduced in the State during 1996 to provide Low cost houses to the poor/houseless fishermen for upliftment of this backward community. The funding pattern of the scheme is 50:50 as central and state share. The initial cost of the scheme was Rs 35000/- which has been enhanced to Rs.1,30,000/- per beneficiary. The benificiary should be a bonafide fisherman registered with the department for atleast 5 years.

Free insurance Scheme.

Besides, housing scheme, the professional fishermen of the State are provided fee Insurance cover and in the event of death and permanent disability during fishing, the beneficiary is paid Rs 1.00 lac and Rs 0.50 lac respectively. So far 234 claims have been settled.

Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)

The Department of Fisheries for the first time introduced the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana in the year 2009-10. Under this Scheme financial assistance for establishment of Carp Units, Trout Rearing Units and Low Cost Houses is provided to the Rural Educated Unemployed Youth.

Pattern of Assistance for Trout and Carp Unit under RKVY (NMPS) Scheme.