Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) /
Blue Revolution

The Department of Fisheries for the first time introduced the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana in the year 2009-10. Under this Scheme financial assistance for establishment of Carp Units, Trout Rearing Units and Low Cost Houses is provided to the Rural Educated Unemployed Youth.

We had the Green Revolution and White Revolution in the past but now is the time for Blue Revolution. “Blue Revolution” refers to the remarkable emergence of aquaculture . It is important to maintain bio-diversity so that in euphoria of modernization of agriculture we do not lose our traditional wisdom of handling our agriculture. The Department is implementing various Centrally Sponsored Schemes, National Fisheries Dev. Board Projects, besides developmental interventions through State Sector Schemes to increase the Fish Production on Culture side both in Govt. and Private Sector. Major CSS includes :-

i. Blue Revolution
ii. RKVY
iii. NFDB funded schemes

20 Trout Units completed in Private Sector during 2018-19.

36 Carp Units under Blue Revolution Scheme completed in Private Sector during 2018-19. Besides, 09 Carp Ponds were established during 2017-18 under under Blue Revolution.

200 Low Cost Houses Constructed during 2018-19 (94 in Jammu Division and 106 in Kashmir Division).

Mahaseer Brood Bank Bindi Kalakote

Wholesale Fish market at Narwal Jammu

Hygenic Fish Sale Outlet at Hari Singh High Street Srinagar

Distribution of Auto Rickshaws and Bicycles with Ice Box under Blue Revolution

Distribution of Boats under Blue Revolution


Construction of Carp ponds under Blue Revolution

Construction of Trout units under Blue Revolution

Pattern of Assistance for Trout and Carp Unit under RKVY (NMPS) Scheme.
Details of Trout Units Constructed under RKVY / Blue Revolution in Private Sector upto March-2019
Details of Carp Units Constructed under RKVY / Blue Revolution in Private Sector upto March-2019
Details of Low Cost Houses Constructed upto March 2019

Units of some Benificiaries under RKVY