Trout Feed Mill at NFSF Manasbal Kashmir

          Due to privatization of Trout culture in the State there was an increased demand for trout feed which resulted in the establishment of a New Fully Computerized Feed Mill with the assistance of National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) , Hyderabad. This feed Mill, which has been imported from Holland is having latest technology of producing floating Trout Feed Pellets with the production capacity of 1.00 Tonne per hour. The extruded floating Trout Feed Pellets(manufactured by this Feed Mill) give a better food conversion ratio of less than 2 and will increase Trout Fish Production in the State, due to better digestibility as they are semi-cooked and keep floating. The production of feed from this Feed Mill is likely to cater the increasing demand for trout feed which will further boost the Trout Production of the State.