Call From Trout

Hay ! I am trout,
Eat me & be stout.

I live in cold and crystal clear water,
Be bold and stop in polluting the water.

I breed in sandy and gravel bottom,
Help me in sustaining my generation.

Lifeless stones give me shelter,
Licentious people picked them and exposed me for poacher.

I provide you the proteinaceous diet,
Donít kill me with poison and dynamite.

I play and remain happy in high oxygenated water,
Donít de-oxygenate my home with faeces and filthy water.

I am exotic and endangered,
Enjoy my sport thrill and save my spawners.

I attract the tourists all over the world,
And boost the economy after getting them mould.

I am sweet and delicious in taste,
Serve me there where you need me most.

I am fatless and boneless,
Serve me to those having Rheumatoid.

I eat the insects and am carnivorous,
Nature has favoured me good manners.

I am beautiful creature but naked,
Wrap me conservative measures.

I came here and adopted KASHMIR the paradise on earth as my home,
But I feel disgusted the way I am being treated otherwise.

I hope you will change your manner,
And allow me to play freely in water.

Save me Save the Nature,
That is my request for every creature.