Fish Seed Stocking under Mission Fingerling

          Mission Fingerling stocking programme has been undertaken by the Department of Fisheries, where fish seed of fingerling size is used to be stocked in natural water bodies as well as manmade water resources including private fish rearing units. Pertinent to mention here, the Fingerling Mission is to raise the size of fish seed above 70 mm to be used for stocking and this innovation has been started from current year. This activity is for augmenting the fish population in the natural water bodies and sustains the biomass due to enhanced survival rate and faster growth. The stocking programme is usually being conducted from the month of March onwards. However, during current year, fish seed of bigger size (70mm & above) has been stocked in the water bodies of Jammu Division in the month of May, 2017. Similarly in Kashmir Division including Ladakh stocking process is undertaken as per prevailing environmental conditions.

The augmentation of water bodies with bigger sized fish seed (70mm and above) improves survival rate and exploitation of feed by stocked fish seed properly and efficiently with better existence in the niche. Further, improvement has been made in management, transportation and feeding schedules for improved results like better survival, growth and thus production.

The Department has launched a massive programme during the current year under which all natural water bodies are being stocked with quality, disease resistant and fast growing varieties of fish seed (fingerling size) This is for earning better livelihood by fishermen/Mahigeers.