Reservoir Fisheries

Reservoir fisheries has been established in Ranjit Sagar and Salal Reservoirs. Mahaseer fisheries has been developed at Anji Reasi where the fish seed farm has been established to produce quality fish seed of this endangered species for stocking in potential waters of the Jammu Division. Baghliar Reservoir(District Ramban/Doda) is also being stocked with fish seed and will be available for commercial fishing in near future.

  • Ranjit Sgar Reservoir in district Kathua with an area of 8700 ha.
  • Salal Reservoir in district Reasi with an area of 1000 ha.
  • Bhagliar Reservoir in district Ramban with an area of 380 ha.
Ranjit Sagar Reservoir
Salal Reservoir

Bhagliar Reservoir